Sustainable Relations

Sustainable Relations is pleased to be working with a range of clients, including:

Farmer partnerships and co-operatives; wind energy specialist developers; energy companies

Advising on potential wind farm initiatives and their political and community impacts. Providing public affairs and community relations supporting the development planning process from pre-consultation through to commissioning. Also experience in ad hoc public affairs for issues arising at operating wind farms . Sustainable Relations has been an integral team member for successful planning consents for new wind farm projects and wind farm extension with substantial experience in England and Wales.

Major landholders and medium to large scale developers

The offer includes longer term reputation and good stewardship strategy and liaison at a local level as well as more project specific communications and public affairs. Designing and conducting local community and public affairs that inform sustainable development projects and optimize mutual benefits through the planning and implementation process is a key feature.

Local Authorities and Charities

Sustainable Relations is able to provide Local Authorities and Charities with communications strategies, PR activity plans and positioning advice, conducting specific public affairs tasks as and when required.

"We have asset and stewardship responsibilities for major landholdings and our commitment to best practice in planning and community relations benefits greatly from the sustained and locally attentive public affairs that people like Al and Sustainable Relations bring to The Crown Estate."

Nick Harper

Head of Asset Management and Development
The Crown Estate