Sustainable Relations

Having founded the business Al Hanagan continues to personally lead on all client briefs with a hands on approach to strategic advice and carrying out public affairs activity.

Al Hanagan's experience

Al is a former Director (Planning and Development) at Good Relations, a Bell Pottinger PR company. He has some fifteen years experience of private sector public relations, mainly for development planning in a wide range of housing, community, renewable energy, and retail projects.

A former Chief Public Relations Officer for a front line London Borough, Al has the added advantage of a substantial background in the understanding of the political tensions, conflicts, services, and media relations, of local government - frequently gained in the most challenging and sensitive of issues and circumstances.

Additional expertise

Sustainable Relations has a network of specialist associates that can be called upon when additional expertise or support may be required.

Sustainable Relations also works closely with Ignite, a partner design and marketing agency providing web, exhibition, promotional and publicity input; production and supervision of distribution and advertising where some or all of these activities may be required

“A depth of experience, a hands on approach, and a palpable commitment to wind energy makes Sustainable Relations an excellent wind farm advocate.”

Piers Guy

Nuon Renewables