Sustainable Relations

For local and regional public affairs on development proposals, Sustainable Relations is able to provide help throughout the development planning process:

  • Pre-application
  • Application through to determination
  • Planning appeal
  • Post consent
  • Build out
  • Reputation management for the longer term

The range of services offered by Sustainable Relations include:

Strategic Planning PR

  • Profiling of a locality in relation to the client project and client reputation and image
  • Political impact assessment and the political likelihood of negotiated consent for a potential project
  • Identification of PR strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Advice on the public relations approach, positioning, and methods to adopt
  • Marketing the client interest, within agreed parameters, to tailor the project to local preferences and aspirations
  • Assisting with the design and establishment of community funds and planning obligations in the community arena
  • Copy preparation, editing, design, production, distribution, space buying
  • Website design, maintenance, mail box and other related services
  • Networking and supporter liaison as appropriate

Public Consultation

  • Targeting and local liaison advice (hands-on where appropriate), managing mail-outs, and monitoring comments and representations
  • Qualitative and quantitative opinion research (direct or commissioned as appropriate) and associated assessments
  • Producing, conducting or assisting with presentations, briefings, workshops, exhibitions, and other activities such as visits or field trips to similar projects
  • Advising on/conducting compliance with consultation guidance, local protocols, and producing statements of community involvement
  • Longer term local relations of a project and/or corporate nature


  • Legacy strategies
  • Media affairs
  • Crises management of operational issues
  • Client communications assessments and reputation audits

“Although ‘localism’ may be a relatively new political buzz word, Sustainable Relations has been commending a localism methodology to community liaison, project marketing, and feedback since Al set the company up in 2007.” 

Jeff Austin

JVM Management Consultants